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A Textbook of Applied Biochemistry for Nurses

A Textbook of Applied Biochemistry for Nurses

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Author: Dr. Aman Verma & Dr. Manohari Rathi
ISBN: 9789394875180
Medium: English


This comprehensive book on applied biochemistry is specifically designed for nurses to enhance their understanding of the biochemical processes in the human body. The book covers the fundamental principles of biochemistry and how they are applied in the field of nursing. It explores various biochemical pathways, enzymes, metabolism, and the biochemical basis of different diseases. Through practical examples and case studies, nurses will learn how to apply biochemistry knowledge to patient care, medication administration, and disease management. By the end of this book, nurses will have a solid foundation in applied biochemistry that will support their clinical practice and contribute to better patient outcomes.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage of biochemistry principles
  • Application of biochemistry in nursing practice
  • Understanding biochemical pathways and metabolism
  • Exploration of the biochemical basis of diseases
  • Integration of biochemistry knowledge in patient care
  • Practical examples and case studies


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