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A Textbook of Applied Microbiology

A Textbook of Applied Microbiology

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Author: Chitranshi Baranwal
ISBN: 9789394314047
 Medium: English


A Textbook of Applied Microbiology is a comprehensive book that covers the practical applications of microbiology in various fields. Students will learn about the role of microorganisms in industrial processes, environmental management, agriculture, and healthcare. The book will focus on the principles and techniques used in applied microbiology, including microbial isolation, identification, and manipulation. Through hands-on laboratory exercises and case studies, students will gain practical skills in microbial culture techniques, microbial analysis, and the development of biotechnological products.

Key Highlights:

  • Practical applications of microbiology in different fields
  • Hands-on laboratory exercises and case studies
  • Techniques for microbial culture, identification, and manipulation
  • Development of biotechnological products


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