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A Textbook of Mental Health Nursing (Vol-I)

A Textbook of Mental Health Nursing (Vol-I)

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Author: Vandana S. Thangavel
ISBN: 9789392019050
 Medium: English


A Textbook of Mental Health Nursing (Vol-I) is a comprehensive book that covers the fundamentals of mental health nursing. This book provides students with an in-depth understanding of nursing interventions, therapeutic communication, and psychiatric disorders. It emphasizes evidence-based practice, patient-centered care, and the role of the mental health nurse in promoting recovery and overall well-being. Students will learn about various assessment techniques, treatment modalities, and nursing care plans for individuals with mental health disorders.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage of mental health nursing
  • Therapeutic communication techniques
  • Evidence-based practice in psychiatric care
  • Assessment techniques for mental health disorders
  • Psychopharmacology and nursing interventions


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