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A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Author: Mr. S. Murli
ISBN: 9789392019074
Medium: English


A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a comprehensive book that covers the fundamental concepts and principles of pharmaceutical chemistry. This book provides a detailed study of the chemical properties, structure-activity relationships, synthesis, analysis, and quality control of pharmaceutical substances. Students will gain a deep understanding of the scientific principles behind drug design, development, and formulation. The book also highlights the importance of pharmaceutical chemistry in the production, manufacturing, and regulation of drugs. By the end of this book, students will have a solid foundation in pharmaceutical chemistry and its role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive study of pharmaceutical chemistry
  • In-depth understanding of chemical properties of drugs
  • Exploration of drug design and development
  • Quality control and analysis of pharmaceutical substances


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