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A Textbook of Sociology

A Textbook of Sociology

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 Author: Manjunath M
 ISBN: 9789394875210
 Medium: English


A Textbook of Sociology is a comprehensive study of the social aspects of human behavior, society, and culture. This book explores the fundamental concepts, theories, and methods used in sociology to understand and analyze the structure and functioning of societies. Students will gain insight into various social processes, institutions, and phenomena, including socialization, social stratification, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, social change, and globalization. Through a combination of theoretical frameworks, empirical research, and case studies, students will develop a critical understanding of society and its impact on individuals and groups.

Key Highlights:

  • A comprehensive exploration of sociology
  • In-depth study of social behavior and culture
  • Analysis of social processes and institutions
  • Critical understanding of societies and their impacts


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