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Human Anatomy & Physiology (Quick Review Series)

Human Anatomy & Physiology (Quick Review Series)

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Author: Pankaj Sharma
ISBN: 9788195169177
Medium: Hindi


This book is a comprehensive review of human anatomy and physiology, providing a quick refresher for students and professionals in the healthcare field. Dive deep into the intricate systems of the human body, from the musculoskeletal system to the cardiovascular system, and gain a solid understanding of how each system works together to maintain homeostasis. Explore the structure and function of organs, tissues, and cells, and learn about the physiological processes that support human life. This book is designed to help you reinforce your knowledge and fill in any gaps in your understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive review of human anatomy and physiology
  • Focused on key concepts and systems
  • Designed for quick understanding and retention


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