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Professionalism, Professional Values & Ethics including Bioethics

Professionalism, Professional Values & Ethics including Bioethics

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Author: Kavita Garg
ISBN: 9789394875173
 Medium: English


This book provides a comprehensive understanding of professionalism, professional values, and ethics, with a particular focus on bioethics. It explores the principles and standards of ethical conduct in various professional settings, emphasizing the importance of maintaining integrity, accountability, and respect for ethical decision-making. Through engaging case studies and interactive discussions, participants will develop critical thinking skills and ethical reasoning abilities to navigate complex ethical dilemmas in their professional lives.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the concept of professionalism and its significance in various industries
  • Examine the role of professional values in shaping ethical behavior
  • Explore key ethical principles and standards applicable to different professional contexts
  • Analyze ethical dilemmas through the lens of bioethics
  • Develop ethical decision-making skills based on critical thinking and ethical reasoning
  • Apply ethical frameworks to resolve complex ethical issues in professional settings


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