Bookera Publishers and Distributors design this return policy

in reference to the terms and conditions available on this website. It applies to every "Author's" who wants to publish their book with us and on every "Bookstores  & Buyer's" who are in need of purchasing the book, whether it is an e-book or hard copy of the printed text. 

Guidelines Are As Follows For Every Particular:- 


Note To Authors:-


Authors have to hold entire responsibility for their content mentioned in the book. If "Authors" don't follow the rules addressed below, in that condition "Publishers" reserves a right to Cancel or Return the book manuscript. Kindly review your book or read instructions here below correctly before publishing.


 Rules Addressed By "Publishers" To "Authors" Before Start Writing The Book:-


  • We prefer the author's desire for any editing and modification of the content in the book. If the author is not interested in authentication and improvement, it will be treated as a publisher's right for any correctness. As we prioritise the author's concern, we do not take any responsibility for the content mentioned in the book.


  • Avoid grammatical errors, typing mistakes, unfinished paragraphs, and wrong spellings.


  • For the graphic designer's understanding of the particular diagram subject, select the Figures of an appropriate resolution. We do not take any responsibility for low-resolution images or dark images in books and their improper prints.


  • Avoid repetition of diagrams, paragraphs, sentences, tables, flowcharts and other things in the manuscript. Refer to where they have been using primarily.


  • Pay attention to the design issues while preparing manuscripts such as page formatting, layouts, fonts (size and colour) and alignments. Avoid using a variety of fonts in the manuscript.


Particular Vital Points To Remember:- 

  • Before starting any work, talk to the publisher and keep yourself free from any apprehensions.
  • Don't avoid any rules as mentioned above while working on projects.
  • After all conversations, if the author confesses to all rules and regulations once, no further changes will be entertained on the agreed agreement.
  • Be faithful to the publishers!


  • Don't forget to check your book in preview modes before sending it for printing. Show it to some of your intellectual people around for reference and make specific changes if required.


Note To Bookstores And Buyers From Through Website:-


  • Orders made orally will not be acceptable by the publishers in any case.


  • Clear your doubts before placing an order regarding the time required in the delivery of the book, discount in prices, shipping charges, the destination of delivery, return policies and payment terms or any other policy, rules or regulations.


  • Once the order is confirmed by mail, we do not entertain any other changes until we receive a request in return by an authorized person within a short period of time.


  • We do not accept the return of books if they are not in proper condition. If it is a fault of the publisher or a defect of quality, kindly, inform us within a week. We do not entertain any such request after the stated time.


  • March 25th of every year is the fixed date when the publisher settles all the returning books & accounts related issues. After that, we do not hold any responsibility concerning issues.


Publishers do not work or deal with any bookstores that are involved in unfair trade practices.



Thank You!