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Sociology for Nurses

Sociology for Nurses

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 Author: R.S Sharma
 ISBN: 9789387077065
 Medium: Hindi


The book Sociology for Nurses' explores the relationship between sociology and nursing practice, providing nurses with a deeper understanding of the social factors that impact patient health and healthcare delivery. Through a sociological lens, this course examines various topics such as healthcare inequalities, culture and diversity, social determinants of health, and healthcare systems. Nurses will learn how social structures, norms, and values influence health outcomes and healthcare experiences. The book also delves into the role of nurses in promoting social justice and advocating for equitable healthcare.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the social dimensions of healthcare
  • Exploring healthcare inequalities and their impact
  • Analyzing the role of culture and diversity in nursing practice
  • Examining social determinants of health and their implications
  • Critically evaluating healthcare systems through a sociological perspective


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