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Textbook of Sociology for Nurses

Textbook of Sociology for Nurses

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 Author: Divya Sharath
 ISBN: 9789387077379
 Medium: English


This book provides a comprehensive understanding of sociology and its applications in the nursing field. It covers various sociological concepts, theories, and research methods that help nurses gain insights into the social factors impacting healthcare settings and patient interactions. The book explores topics such as social inequality, healthcare policies, cultural diversity, and ethical considerations. By studying sociology, nurses can enhance their ability to provide holistic care and promote positive health outcomes.

Key Highlights:

  • In-depth coverage of sociological concepts relevant to nursing
  • Practical examples and case studies to apply sociological theories in healthcare
  • Exploration of social determinants of health and their impact on patient care
  • Insights into healthcare policies, ethics, and cultural diversity
  • Enhanced understanding of social inequality and its implications in nursing practice


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